Mapping and Addressing

Welcome to the Hancock County 911 Mapping / Addressing section.

Obtaining a 911 address is very important for existing and future property developments including both
residential and business. The Hancock County 911 Addressing Department is responsible for maintaining accurate 911 address and Road information. A correct and updated 911 address is important so that it can be verified. This is so that utility and service providers will recognize your address along with local mail providers.

What You Can Do

A 911 address is the backbone of  911 services. Without a proper and valid address there can be delays for emergency services / responders. Having a
correct and accurate 911 address enables landline callers to be pinpointed even in the instance the caller cannot speak.

One of the most important and commonly overlooked steps that you, as a Hancock County Resident, can do is to post your correct 911 address so that it is visible to emergency responders. By correctly marking your Mailbox, House or Driveway, emergency responders can avoid unnecessary searching that wastes time and Time Saves Lives! If you have any questions, if you need to update your address information, or if you would like to verify your 911 address feel free to contact us.

Need an Address?

Welcome to our Address Request and Information section. Below you will find common questions along with information for requesting a new or updated address.

Request Address Online By Clicking Here

How do I apply for a 9-1-1 address?

The Hancock County 911 Mapping Office can assist you in obtaining a 9-1-1 address for improved properties. The procedure is straight forward and applicants must first obtain an application request form. Once the form has been filed out and returned, our mapping personal will research the property location, drive way entrances. Most 9-1-1 Address Requests are completed within 10 Business days.

How are 911 addresses determined?

911 Address are measured based on new guidelines set forth that an address can be every 5.28 feet. You will need to make sure your driveway is clearly marked for the requested address. Once the address is recorded someone will contact you with your new address. Copies of your address information is obtainable and will be needed for Utilities and Services to be installed / activated. These are provided to your free of charge.

How your new 911 address gets used.

Once your new 911 address has been assigned it is entered into our Mapping Database / 9-1-1 System. The address is then on file for verification purposes when Utility and Service Departments contact us for address verification. It is used so that the local Postal Service and get mail to you. It is also on file and updated in case of a 911 emergency at that address. Hancock County 911 updates its new addresses and road names frequently to better assist the community in case of an emergency.  When you call 911, your name, address and phone number along with your location is made available so that emergency responders can respond to emergencies faster. Along with your address we can also input gate codes, this helps ensure that responding officers can get to you quicker, and we also can store special medical information such as if a blind, deaf or someone with special needs resides at the residence. This helps ensure responders know what’s going on to better assist. Your new address is shared locally with our Hancock County Assessors Office as well.

What to do after I receive my address?

Start notifying family and friends. Notify any company that sends you bills, magazines, or other important information, such as mortgage, financial, and insurance documents. Update your drivers license and make sure to notify the Postal Service of your new address.

Why Can’t UPS / FEDEX find me?

Your address is stored locally and then uploaded to the state GIS system for processing daily. We do not have any way to provide these addresses to delivery companies other than local Postal Services as they verify addresses for new mail routes. The following link is recommend  to help get your address found faster.

Why Can’t I just make my own address?

We run in to this from time to time and it causes lots of issues. Lots of times people will use Google to pin point where they live and use Googles Mapping data to assign an address. This is wrong and the address will not be correct. Please do not try to give yourself an address.

Download Address Request Form

Please use the following link below to download the address request form in PDF format. Please fill out form completely. You can return form to the email address listed on form or to the physical address also provided.

Download 911 Address Request Form In PDF Format

Please note that it takes an average of 10 business days to get an address completed at this time.